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hey kroger

kroger, I laugh at all you faggots who are imprisoned in a relationship. They are worthless. The only men who need their better half were half a man to begin with.

Look what I get to do. I wake up, and go surfing in the morning before work. Then I change in my car and head off to my job where I make 12,000 a year. I work for 6 hours, then come home. I can listen to music, and even go on myspace if I'm ahead schedule.

Then I get off work, and get to come home and relax in front of my 21" LCD monitor, which has a custom build, Quad-Core Processor, and have 2 8800 ULTRA video cards. 8 gigs or ram. 1 TB HD for games and other progs, and an external 1 TB HD for porn, and movies. I've also got a $500 chair, that is comfortable as ****, and a 9.1 surround system, in my room and my living room. I can run Crysis on Very High and get 50 FPS. Every other game runs flawlessly. I also have a t1 internet connection for downloading anything I want within minutes. I never lag in a game.

I've got a Fleshlight, and have a 10 grand real doll I'm considering buying. Yes, I've had a gf before, and this feels pretty damn close. 9/10 to a real pussy. I recommend the wonder wave to other anons. I've got a 72 Camero I rebuilt, and put about 50 grand into. It's ****ing bad ass. I've also got a nice 2 story home. Have been making 90k-110k the last 5 years.

I have absolutely no stress in my life. No worthless **** nagging, no worthless **** expecting me to buy her ****, entertain her, etc...It's amazingly relaxing. If I had a gf, or a wife I would not have half the cool **** I do right now. All the time I spend on hobbies and other things would be sucked up. Women are ****ing worthless money grubbing, attention whoring...WHORES


I encourage you anons to do the same. Become successful, and live a wonderful single life. Don't take those bitches ****. They only cause stress. Relax and enjoy your life /b/rothers.

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