Kroger is all about Corporate Greed these days. They should be ashamed of themselves. You know, I could go on for hours about the level of disgust and contempt that I feel for the people who have completely ruined Kroger over the  the last 10 or more years....but what would be the point? They already know..of course, and THAT is the problem. THEY KNOW...but they do not care. So what is there left to say to them? What CAN be said to them that would finally cause them to take stock of what they have done to Kroger...and to FINALLY take HEED and CARE about their employees? I suppose FIRST...they would have to start caring ...and obviously they do not. They understand perfectly well what their discontented employees wants..and have for quite some time now. They understand that we want Kroger retrogressed BACK TO what it ONCE was before corporate greed took over like a cancer. But there's a problem. Expenditure of money...they WON'T do it. Unprecedented levels of hour cuts, giving employees that have worked there for over 10 years ONLY 20 hours a week, and treating the employees like crap, what does all of that tell us?...or more importantly, what does it all illustrate for us? The convoluted and oft times incongruious death throws of a greedy conglomerate. Of course, this group of complete incompetents who have so successfully ruined Kroger with some misguided approach based on drivel that perhaps only they themselves fully understand, KNOW FULL WELL that they have ALMOST COMPLETELY ruined a once very exceptional business BUT.....of they have demonstrated by their UTTER COMPLETE REFUSAL to heed the multitudes of voices PLEADING WITH THEM to return to some semblance of SANITY....they not care. NO, you are either a competent business or a business who have some modicum of insight into what your employees might or might not want to be treated like...OR you're not! It's as simple as THAT. STOP BEING SO RELENTLESSLY AND IRREVOCABLY CHEAP!..because YOU ARE OFFENDING your employees...AND HOW!

AGAIN, I thank you for your attention.