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Post Info TOPIC: How to increase my ring tender on a big lane

How to increase my ring tender on a big lane

My ring tender tends to be I the mid 20's for ipm and in the lower 60's for tender time per customer. I can ring at 30 ipm , but my tender time is what's hard to keep down. Any advice? 



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I always suggest to hit EFT tender after hitting total and learning the different prompts on the pin pad. IF your able to scan at 30 IPM, the issue it finalizing the tender and the receipt printing.



If you're hand eye coordinated grab one item with each hand and scan together quickly.  Listen for double scanning errors.  Garbing with one hand, then passing to the other, then scan is not all that fast.  Two hands is faster.  Oh make sure to have a bagger if you have the luxury to have one.


If you're not performing an action on your numbers your scores will drop.  I found if you pause your checking time by securing your till it freezes the computer from lowering your numbers.  This means frequently entering your pass code but it increases your checking speed.  It takes like 2 seconds to enter your pass code.  Each time you are not processing a command your score drops and how long it takes you to do that command.  I suggest to bag last not during as it will slow your speed down.  I found if you secure your till it pauses your time.  I secure my till to retain a faster speed for the following:


If a customer takes more than 10 seconds to pay.

If you have to step away for more than 10 seconds.

If a customer requests you to grab an item or step away from your till.

If you take more than 10 seconds to look up a code in the book.

If you have to walk to the service center for tobacco or lottery.

Writing a reign check, special order other such paperwork.

For every 10 seconds you are not completing a command on your numbers.

Waiting for a key flip.

Bagging groceries.



Another way you can increase your speed is to make sure your 10 key is fast.  And to make sure your produce department has a very small percentage of not found stickers.  Learn where the bar codes are on the merchandise.  When you pick up an item and spend time looking for the bar code it lowers your speed.  The scanners are sensitive and half the time I don't even bother to look for the scan bar I just listen for the beep.  Memorize all your common produce codes so when the sticker doesn't work you have the back up quickly.  I also found if you spend more than 20 seconds on an item it isn't worth it.  If an item scans as not found: (I'm not encouraging this as every store is different) but I just nonchalantly ignore it and send it down.  I only do this if it's under $10 as it's a waist of time to spend more than 20 seconds on an item.



I think it's easier to tender more efficiently than to tender faster.

As soon as I'm done scanning, I total it, hit EFT, and then ask if there is anything else for them today.  There usually isn't, and you can just ring it up separate or send them to the service desk if there is.

If they are paying with cash, anticipate the amount they are giving you, enter it, and then hit "cash" as soon as you have a grip on the bills.  If you are fast enough, you can often cash it out before they tell you they have coins.

You can flip up the bill weight while the drawer is still opening, throw the bill in the slot, and then slam it shut before it even opens all the way.

Place the bills in stacks in the drawer.  If they give you 3 five dollar bills and 4 one dollar bills, separate them into a stack of fives and a stack of singles and place them as stacks into their corresponding slots.

I like to bag while the customer struggles with their payment so they go away sooner.  Except, I have to put the filled bags down the belt away from them or else they will place them in the cart instead of remembering to pay.

If they tell you they want cigarettes, get them before the order if you can.  If you are only a few items in, void the order and then get them.

Lock the register between transactions.  Some customers will type in a phone number or scan their card before you are ready.

I'm the only cashier at my store who does so, but I like to put the keyboard at minimum height, completely flat.  It's worlds better for the wrist, and it lets you 10 key so much faster.  It's more like typing on a computer keyboard.  It's so weird watching the other cashiers scrunch up their wrists to hunt and peck on a vertical keyboard.  No wonder so many of them have carpal tunnel.  My technique is to basically put my fingers in position, and then push the keys by rolling my hand to hit at least two keys per stroke instead of hunting and pecking them with one finger, one by one.

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