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Post Info TOPIC: Tips and Advice for all your Kroger Life!

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Tips and Advice for all your Kroger Life!

Deli and Bakery




Front End

Cashier Tips and Advice for Ring Tender by lovehatejava (Jan 9, 2015)

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GM / Drug

Grocery / Night Stock

Management & Scheduling

Meat Department

Tags / Labeling



Union and Worker's Rights

Union Rights Advice by Anon (Oct 10, 2019)


If you have or know of a thread containing advice, tips, tricks, general how-to's, contract scans or general information feel free to let us know! If you feel spunky I highly encourage you to make a thread yourself and link us to it. I'll update the main post with anything relevant. If I missed a department please let me know in a reply!



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Wow, it's been 12 years since your last post. Welcome back.


Union rights

I'm a steward. My advice is if anything is going on or if your not sure if something is unfair or wrong ASK! The union does not know what you do not tell them. You stepping forward may bring something to light that is happening to others but that kroger is getting away with because no one is willing to speak up  

There is nowhere in the contract that says the managers have to tell the union when you get written up, if you get a talking to, they dont have to ask you if you want your representative. That responsibility is YOURS!

I hear a million people complain the Union doesnt help them but they dont actually contact the union. Or they contact them and the union calls and gets voicemail and then the employee never follows back up With the union. YOU have to assert your union rights and ask for a representative and you have to remain silent during the meeting to show them you are serious. If they dont postpone till a rep arrives then they will get in trouble but ONLY if you actually tell the union what happened. 

If you want file an actual grievance you HAVE to put it in writing and hand it to your union rep or send via email  the reason for this is because a lot of people like to complain about whats happening to them but when it comes to actually pulling the trigger they change their minds. Also sometimes they change their stories so for a union rep to proceed it must be in writing.  

KNOW YOUR CONTRACT you are your own advocate. YOU are the Union.  People always see the union as this outside body that is supposed to do all the work for them but the union cant help you unless you are willing to stand up for yourself. If they show up to help and you back down the Union cant do anything.  

TALK to your coworkers  if you see other coworkers who are having things happen to them that breaks contract rules tell your coworkers, educate them, get them in contact with their steward or their rep, the union is a team effort and you are part of that effort.  

VOLUNTEER! Every store is allowed two stewards.  Be one! Or even if the positions are filled be a back up team player  especially if you are in a payroll position! People in payroll have access to so much information about whats going on in the store and it can be so helpful to have a payroll person who is an advocate for employees. I have seen so many people lose vacation pay  because they didnt even know they had earned it.  A payroll person can keep this from happening. Kroger isnt gonna tell you because thats money they dont have to pay you if you dont use it! And that benefits them! 




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RE: Tips and Advice for all your Kroger Life!

Hey Steward, 


I have a complaint for Union about my boss

He's an ******* and he loves not using the horn when he's using the fork lift

I work with him during the weekdays and he's a straight up dictator. Don't get me wrong he's a God damn good worker but his attitude has to go he loves bringing everybody down and making you feel stupid af well... He likes to talk to everybody like they're stupid. My boss Matt druham from Kroger 136. Has ran over so many people what's that damn machine and every time we call Union or talk to the store manager nobody does NOTHING ABOUT IT. 

I have many scars and bruises all over my body because of him, I would love to find another job during this epidemic it's unlikely to find another job while only a few stores are open and the good ones are still closed.


The store manager and my boss core Buddy Buddy and my boss keeps on telling me that he has been working there for 40 years and nobody can't touch him


So my question for you is why THE **** AM I PAYING YOU FOR??? IF YOU CANT RESOLVE THIS ISSUE YET. 


So many people quit because of him we are limited and he is a stubborn old man who doesn't want to hire people and we are getting a **** ton of truck. 


Fuck you

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