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Post Info TOPIC: New GM Manager, need advice

New GM Manager, need advice

Due to the general state of disarray, I found myself going from GM clerk to GM manager with everyone hoping I can turn it around after having worked at a different store that ran smoothly. Problems include:
* Overflowing repack
* Shelves aren't set properly
* Load is never getting finished. DDS predicts 18 hours, but with 28-36 hours scheduled it still isn't always done, and when it is nothing else that needs done gets done. I've heard a few people say not to pay attention to the DDS times, but is it really reasonable that with double the predicted labor it's not getting done?
* Facing is ignored almost entirely.
* Damaged, markdown, and repack end up mixed together in carts, crates, totes, etc. and scattered throughout the backroom
* Safers have no designated spot or organization. There is one large storage bin that just has all different types thrown in; there's not enough of any one type to actually lock up what needs to be locked up, and none of what should be locked in safers are.
* We have outsourced a lot of our depts. jobs to outer depts.; Front end is doing candy ordering, our markdowns, and our ad. At any of the stores I've worked, this would not fly.

For more context as to the point we're at, The ASM's/SM counted all our back-stock for Inventory because the didn't trust the dept. to do it right (For good reason).
The CAO and grocery managers are straight up deleting orders because the person doing the orders isn't trusted to be ordering correctly. By "Isn't trusted," I mean not by them, not by Store Management, and not by the crew itself.

I want to fix these problems, but I don't want to alienate the crew either. I've only been in GM for just under a year, and ~1/3 of that all I did was work load/ residual so going from a well-organized store to this one which has nothing figured out has me feeling a bit overwhelmed, so much stuff that needs done and not enough time to take a deep dive into getting any of the problems solved. Does anyone have advice on how to proceed with fixing this place? It would be extremely helpful.
Thank you.


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Sounds like youre in a no one situation. Is it high volume? First thing you have to do is separate all the trash and damages from backstock. Get rid of it. Organize your backstock by aisles
And then scan your backstock and separate it by fast mover and slow mover. Work the fast movers a few times a week. Work the slow movers once.

Which you really need to do is probably markdown all the slow movers and make sure they have high balances so they dont get ordered on the next truck.

GM sucks because s good percent of it is crap that doesnt sell fast.



Everything you describe seems like the root of your problem is your staff. Sounds like most or all of them need to go. Just sayin'.

As to how bringing that about, and that it highly likely won't happen, well.........that's a serperate problem no



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Yup, 1st think you need to focus on is organizing the backroom and get the product you have out on the shelf or mark it down, find a shelf in the backroom and organize the safers. Sit down with your ASM/SM and set priorities and a plan, know going into it some Associates might not fit into the department any longer. In the beginning, don't over complicate what your trying to change, just set "priorities for the week".

1st priority - Organize back room, get product out on the shelf. Still order items, but try to cut the order down to eliminate excess.
2nd priority - Work to setup a process for everything coming into the store and any product going to the backroom.
3rd priority - Make sure BOH's are correct, or you will always repeat previous steps.
4th priority - Step back and see what associates might need retraining or that might no longer fit in the department
5th priority - Take back areas that your department should own, take them back one by one. The last task I would suggest taking back is FE stocking. As long as the FE is given hours, most FE Leader would be happy to take control over this, as they are graded on how the FE/Checkout look. Just make sure there is a process in place to rotate items. I personally should not stand when people would will fill almost empty boxes with new candy. When the box has is almost empty, replace the box with the new box, move the "old candy" to the busiest checkout or designated checkout. I would rather worry about expiration dates in one checkout then all them.

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