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Post Info TOPIC: I can see why my coworkers call out twice a month. Because the union allows it.

I can see why my coworkers call out twice a month. Because the union allows it.

Having worked many a years with jobs with strict attendance policies I'm beginning to see why my coworkers casually call out 2-4 times a month. My managers were impressed that I call out once a month if that. I'm reliable, punctual and willing to come in on off days and adjust my schedule as needed. After 5 yrs I'm seeing why my coworkers abuse the union clause that allow you to call out up to 72 hrs before requiring a dr note. This company doesn't care about you as a human being and doesn't support your well being. I'm going back to playing "call out sick" a few times. Enough of this b.s. no 

I do my job duties well and get praised by the customers for doing so. (Appreciated.) However management and leads have a different approach and have a crab attitude about every damn detail. I'm going back to "calling out sick" a few times a month. After the holiday season of forced full time I'm going back to 28-32 hrs. If kroger isn't going to care for me I'm not going to go out of my way for them any more. Now that I have enough seniority I'm calling out 1-2 times a month. doh



Yeah, a while back (it's better now) we had at least 1 callout every single day in our department. It's unreal.

 This company is a great place for lazy people because they can get away with so much. I started doing less, myself, because i've been here 5 years and make the same as new hires, due to starting at a lower wage, working my way up with raises, then union renegotiated a higher wage. This company does not reward employees for being good employees, so apparently they don't care if you're a sh1t employee, so might as well be one. The lazy ones make the same pay I make. /shrug

 Had one recently come to work several hours late, took a 1 hour break instead of 30 mins, then when the manager left they disappeared again for another 45 minutes. Nothing ever happened.

I only call out when i'm really sick. Usually the flu or Covid, whatever, and then they act like i'm effin' faking! Even though they know me, like me, and know i'm a good employee, and all - still the nonsense.

Had one, one time -i'm in the bed with the flu - "So you can't come in just for a little bit?" No! "Like not even just for 4 hours?" No, mf! I'm sick! "Are you going to go to the doctor?" Hell no! I'm sick, the doc costs money and there's no damn cure for what I have, so why go to the doctor?! Idiots! And then get everyone at the doctor's office sick. Or go to work and get everyone there sick. This is the dumbest company I ever worked for.

And, not just this, but pretty much everything they do is moronic. Incentivize sorry employees, do not incentivize good employees, don't understand supply and demand, come in and worry about numbers on the biggest holidays like Thanksgiving. Can I just effin' get the job done?! We can worry about that when it's not the busiest damn day of the year!

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