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Post Info TOPIC: How I feel about Kroger.

How I feel about Kroger.

Kroger needs to stop being like Walmart. 

We have an overtime ban in our store.  The Store is understaffed no one on the front end can make up a schedule.  There is never any checklanes open in the morning and any baggers and if you come in at night time the store is over staffed and the front end staff are doing nothing.

My store has an overtime ban.  You do overtime managers have a fit.  Why the reason is the more they go under the budget the bigger bonus they get.  Managers don't care about us employees all they care about is there bonus.

Think shrink is bull ****.  The warehouse cannot stack at all.  I think they have a bunch of monkeys stacking them.  Its a matter of get the **** out the warehouse as quick as you can.

The union is a waste of money and does nothing for us at all in my opinion.  How the **** is working 39-40 hours every week classed as part time?  So they can get away with paying people **** all and giving people poor benefits.    There should be fighting for equality between full time and part timers.  The union has no balls I guess Kroger bribed them.

They are probably brainwashed to do things the Kroger way.

My store has way too many mangers.  Why does my store need one big manager and 3 co managers?  Getting  rid of one manager will save them some money.

The company don't care about the welfare or health of the staff.  I would say Jails have better recreational rooms.

ve working for during my career.  Once the recession is over I will not be working there.  Like many people I have bills to pay.

We have lazy staff who do **** all day.  No one on day shift runs the grocery backstock during the day.  They should employ some high school kids to do the back stock during after school hours.

No one can order at all in my store alot of aisles in my store have way too much back stock. 

Management speaks to employees like ****.

The deli is always putting alot of baked items in the trash rather then reduce them the night before.

Damaged dog food goes in the trash rather then donate it to the humane society. 

You pay peanuts you get monkeys thats the Kroger way.



yawnI agree 100% with you.. the way you describe the store sounds excatly like the store I am working at in Memphis,Tn.... maby all of them are like that.... I'm a bagger and been trying for months  to go to produce or stock dairy.... but they keep trying to put me on the cash register.. and that bull **** they know they need help in the backroom.. even the employees that work in the back say they need help.. it been several days where the managers would go work in the back.. but for somereason they want to be so cheap ..... I want to quit Kroger so badly but because of this recession... I have to just try to work with this.... Yes the manager do treat the employees like crap.... and at my store anybody that been their for more than 5 years think they your boss.. and try to tell you how to do your job when they should be focusing on their on jobs..... .. O.o and to anyone who is reading this and thinking about joining kroger be warned (Kroger is CHEAP!!!!!!!!...)no Another down side to kroger is they hardly want to give the baggers any hours... they  will have 1 cash register open and like 4 baggers working and then their  n othing to do but stand around and  look stupid.. and they only give the baggers  16 hrs.. I have bills to pay as well and 16 hrs is gas money... While the cashiers get 30 to 40 hrs....--> (High School Students) .. That so messed up.. How the **** is that PART TIME   disbelief




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I work in Cincinnati,and evidently all stores are the same.I hear "stories" about how Kroger jobs were coveted "in the day".....people waiting for a year or more to get a job there.Sure as hell hard to imagiine these days.
And the union what a joke.
We have 7 or 8 co mgrs.

Edward Head


Sounds exactly like the Kroger Marketplace I worked at. I was fired for smoking a cigarette in view of the customers.

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