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Have you ever....

Have you ever recived a call at 5:30 in the morning? Have you ever recived a call at 5:30 and it was Kroger on the other side? This has happened more than once at my house. And they have the stupidity to call my HOUSE phone.

I wish the people who were put in charge at these Krogers would have some respect! I am sick of hearing ''Is this *insert name here*, yes sweetie, we need you to come in at 7 and stay till about 1. I know you requested this day off for ''personal reasons'' but we would love for you to come down.''

And stupidly I say yes, and my mom always tells me to say yes that way when I call in due to snow, or sickness (which being there two years I have only called in 2 times for snow and 2 times for sick. which is pretty good.)

But not only do I have to go to work, I have to wake my teenage sister who is a monster and tell her mom and I are leaving to head to Kroger, put gas in the car and eventually come home with food and other things teenage girls like. (aka pick up her firends for movie/sleepover night)
I mean, my mom doesn't care because it gives her a jump start on her day, but I do.  I get there and this girl (who in the end got fired which is great for me) but she has the nerve to tell me that my manager wanted me to stay till 4pm (why can't my manager tell me this? they are litterarly 15 feet away from me, I will give her more respect).... Again I stupidly say yes remembering what my mom tells me.

So lets do some math here. Calling a 16 year old girl at 5am, waking up her whole house, telling her she needs to clock in right at 7am = a pissed off U-scan attendant which in turn = a sh***y day. + having to wake up the monster + not taking a shower because monster wants the first shower at 6. + not getting to see her friends + and missing TSLOTAT (the secert life of the america teenager <3 ) -- the fact that I am getting paid when I wasn't supposed to be. But then * by having the boy of her dreams drop off a Sonic lunch.

I mean, it wasn't that bad of a day, but I was exhaused because the same boy that brought me the Sonic, kept me up all night.

Pretty much I hate writting all this long crap because you probably do not care what I have to say (just like Kroger!!!!) but reading and comments would be nice, just to know that I'm not alone....


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i don't have the monster issue, but i do get the frustration of getting the call from Kroger! the worst is when you are preparing to go out and do something silly with the family and you get the call...sorry son, i can't go to the movies with you this afternoon because i have to work...which is one of the reasons that i am working to go full time. they can't call me in on my off days so i can make plans and not worry about having to disappoint my little man.



i dont get why your complaining about more  hours, the only reason why they called you so early is because they JUST found out if it were me i would be hell yeah even if it were sixth day

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