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Post Info TOPIC: I worked at store 537
Josh Mooney

I worked at store 537

I worked in the meat dept. VERY HARD WORKING VERY POLITE to all customers got alot of race cards 100% on secret shoppers, some days i would litterally be JOGGING from task to task all day to get all the work they left for me to get done...4 hrs out of my 8 hr day i spent helping other people with their jobs not mine....

I ask the store manager first time i talk to him i am going to go to college Jan 19 2010 (i started working in June) so if any night shift jobs open up please switch me so i can continue working 40 hours a week whille i attend college...Self check out night shift opens up 2 times within the time i work there i talked to the HIRING MANAGE, ALLL THE STORE MANAGERS, THE MEAT MARKET MANAGER, THE FRONT END SUPERVISOR....they did nothing

I put in my 2 weeks notice and on my last day working there i talked to the new union representative he said all i had to do was right it down on a piece of paper and put it in there office to get switched and make sure they see it and sign it...THEN IT IS Official

I guess some human beings do not have to common courtesy to understand that their employees have a life other than their job....instead they played a shell game with the information they give to you...My advice don't ask you manager or store manager ALWAYS talk to the union cuz store managers will do w/e they have to do and say w/e they have to say to keep you stuck in a tough job if you are a hard worker.....

By far the worst management i've ever had the pleasure of experiencing or even heared about in my life...oh and the music sux...



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