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In our company (obviously Kroger ha), they act like there is no favoritism or that they don't prefer certain people over some. But I'm sorry- I think this is ridiculous. I'm not trying to slander any of my coworkers, i simply want you all to know that the problem of favoritism and shrugging off requests is somewhat prevalent in our store.  & I did not JUST start there, I'll have been there for two years in october- and have been skipped for a promotion multiple times, while younger (i'm not 18 yet) and more rowdy kids who don't do their job, get moved to grocery, deli, etc. We also have kids who barely do their work up front, and they barely ever say a word it seems to them, unless it is to me and a few other baggers up front. Like carts- I can clear that lot in half an hour, come back in for a few minutes and bag like we're told to if it's cleared, and get told that I need to get out there and get more carts. While my coworkers- kids either my age, or 18, don't get a word said to them. They also talk to the managers up front and don't get yelled at, but if me and my othercoworker were to do that, we would get told to go bag, and what did we want? They also tend to ignore us, except for a few of the managers, who truly know how to respect us. They act like i don't do anything, yet they give me 29 hours a week, even when I just started colleged, and when I was still in high school, they would work me a lot. I would not complain, and I would come in and do my job very well, clean right, and be very friendly with the customers - I have had a lot tell me that I am their favorite bagger. Does anybody else think this is ridiculous, this amount of favoritism? These people, who treat me like crap and others well, have made me come so closet o quitting. i would enjoy my job if it were not for getting treated like I am not valuable to the company at all- which the bigger managers do, and a few floor supervisors do, but not most of our floor supervisors. nodisbeliefbleh



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favortism is one of the reasons managers are suppossed to be rotated out, so they can't build up a 'private empire" so to speak, of hand picked loyals, spies, and such.
every body iv'e ever worked for, at any job had favorites, it's jist the way it is.
At my store, it has been a big problem at times.
what i have never understood. is why management seems to pick the LEAST of their workers, as pets. you would think they would go for the cream of the crop.  maybe the lazy ones are easier to control, i don;t know.
It;s kind of funny, my unit managers absolute favorite pet, one whose word would cost you your job, just got arrested, for stealing a entire roll of lottery tuckets, from customer
And the bad thing was, so much did the manager love this chick, she offered to drop charges, and give her her job back, if she bought the lottery tickets back.
the police informed her, that wasn't her call,  lottery ticket theft is a felony.



evileye I know. And It is so obvious- it makes me so mad. We have a new store manager coming in- but they STILL haven't switched our one supervising manager- who i have heard them say is Horrible at her job- out for another one.

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