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Samantha D. Kroger J927

Disgruntled Employee

I am so tired of getting jerked around at Kroger. I have worked there as a full-time employee for over 3 years now and am about to be bumped to part-time because they keep hiring in new people and doing away with positions that are actually needed (like a mid-shift). Here is a hint Kroger: If you don't have the hours to keep your full-time employees at full-time status DO NOT hire more in.... I have contacted many people over this issue and have tried to work it out so I can continue to keep my full-time status but no-one knows what to do or I just get blown-off. I keep trying to transfer only to have people with less senority than me to be transfered. I thought Kroger had a EMPLOYEE RELATIONS program where their goal was to 'provide jobs that are satisfying and challenging to each individual'. If this is so then why am I not satisfied? Why do I hate my job? Why is no-one helping me so that I can be satisfied with my job? Why are needed positions being done away with? Why do they expect so much from individuals that just don't have the time or resources to do it? Why does Kroger hire department managers who don't know what they are doing and who choose to favor one employee over another, who also ignore the customers even thought Krogers policy is Customers 1st? Why is it that there are more people being hired when there is no hours for the current full-time workers? and the most important question: WHO CAN I ASK THESE QUESTIONS TO IN ORDER TO GET THEM RESOLVED????


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Contact your union rep. You should have at least one union steward in your store. Ask mgmt. who that is. Go to your union steward and get your union reps. info. Unless you are under the weirdest contract I have ever heard of, I don't think they can bump you down to part time. But who knows, I've been wrong before. Anyone else have some input on this?

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Oboro718 wrote:

Anyone else have some input on this?

Of course I do.  Allow me to get another beer then I shall elaborate on this some...

 OK so, how is the senority ranking for you in your department?  What department do you work under and in what part of the country?

Are you unable to claim hours from employees below you?  I presume you are a full-time right?  They should/have to by union rules post all employees in your department in the order of their senority.  On friday - go copy the schedule.  It must be posted by 3pm.  If it is not then raise some stink.  figure out how you can get your full 40hrs in for the week by claiming hours from people below you.  this must be handed in the saturday afternoon.  

if you do not know the union claim proceedure then just let me know and I can post verbatum how it is done.   are you able to work in other departments or even at other store?  call or visit around.  go to a kroger store that you like to work at and ask if they could use you.  if they can great~ work your butt off for them and maybe get transferred....

best of luck and dont get too discouraged.



I am no longer part of the oppressed, evil workforce of Kroger!  Can you say "Hallelujah"  



Come to 956 and they will **** u up more on hours. OR go suck shawn wright's balls and he might make you dept head. Or even suck up to kent clark who is higher than shawn.



this is what is stated in my contract


Article 9

Work Schedules

A. In constructing the weekly work schedules, the Employer will first determine the

needs of the department based upon the needs of the business. Once that

determination is made the following procedures will be utilized.

B. The Employer will construct weekly work schedules by department, classification,

and the ability to perform the work for full-time, such that the basic weekly full-time


schedule shall be eight (8) hours daily and forty (40) hours weekly, scheduled in

five (5) days, not necessarily consecutive, Sunday through Saturday inclusive.

When scheduling part-time employees, hours will be distributed by assigned

department and the ability to perform the work such that the hours of senior parttime

employees weekly scheduled hours shall be in line of seniority. The workweek

will also be Sunday through Saturday inclusive.

Part-time employees shall be scheduled for no less than twelve (12) hours per

week in accordance with their department, seniority and classification, and ability

to perform the work. A part-time employee may waive the right to minimum hours,

in writing subject to Employers approval.

Full-time and part-time seniority will be recognized when constructing weekly work


C. Within the efficient operation of the business and with the recognition that weekend

schedules and second shift schedules (after 9:00 p.m.) will be rotated among

employees in each department and classification, the Employer will recognize the

seniority of employees within each department and classification, in cases of

conflict, for preferred shifts and preferred days off.

D. The Employer reserves the right to schedule full-time employees four (4) ten (10)

hour days or part-time employees ten (10) hour days, these schedules will be

offered to employees in line of seniority by department and classification. There

shall be no time and one-half pay for hours worked between eight (8) hours and ten

(10) hours each day when scheduled in advance. These ten (10) hour days must

be scheduled in advance and this language shall not apply to any hours that result

from an employee being held over past their scheduled time.

E. All employees who are instructed to report for work shall be guaranteed at least

four (4) hours pay (three (3) hours if voluntary).

F. An employees scheduling limitation may affect the Companys ability to maximize

the employees schedule.


you should get your 40 hours if not talk to your steward and union



i cant live on 16 hours and at my store they keep hiring people to so im asking the same thing

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