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Post Info TOPIC: What are some of your stories of when customers got angry at you?
Mr Frontenac

What are some of your stories of when customers got angry at you?

How did they get angry? Was it because of something you did, or something they did? What did you say to them after they they got angry? Did they threaten you or intimidate you in anyway? Did they demand a manager? What did the manager do for them? Did the customer say anything about you to the manager?



Always have instances, of customers being in a rush and wanting a cake written on last minute, at the end of the night. No threats to me directly or going to a manager really. But more like facial expressions twist up and it's all "I could have  done that myself," or "now I have to go somewhere else and get it done". And typically drop the cake off somewhere, for the managers to bring back to us. And honestly my typical response is pretty much the same. That I'll do my best and I'm sorry if it does not look as good as the decorator or pastry chef that are both on earlier in the day. I also offer to do the make it right thing and even re-try writing on another cake for them. And some accept the offer, and I do it, and it comes out better the second time around. But others just storm off.

Another instance and I'm sure this happens quite often when there are strong storms. But we had a power outage earlier today and some customers were all up in a huff about not being able to buy stuff or get something sliced. To which, we explain what is going on and even our back up managers and dept. head does the same as well. So everyone is re-enforcing the message. But once again they storm off in a huff and very PO'd they can't have their way.

Have also had a customer try and tell me I was in the wrong for hopping on a slicer another associate was using to cut some of her items on. It was a busy Sunday and I'll admit I didn't go back and forth with the woman. But she was literally shooting daggers from her eyes at me over it. And was like hey, "that was my person using that!". But yea, it's first come first serve on slicers. Most especially when things are hella busy. Nobody can sololy claim just one slicer. And I'm pretty sure she knew deep down that is how it has to work. Cause even she wasn't demanding a manager or anything. It just was how it was for that given situation.



Had a customer get angry with me once because Western Union was closed and she needed to pick up money. She tried to say she had been waiting since before it closed. I told her she had not because there were no customers waiting when the service desk closed. She called me the biggest f$%*&^g bitch she ever had to deal with. I told her to have a wonderful evening. She never called about it. Surprisingly we get along well now.



Store brand 32 packs of water were a Mega Event item.  Advertised at 4 for $10.

Customer comes up with four 24 packs instead.  She won't give me a shopper's card, and instead argues the whole order that they are supposed to be 4 for $10 4 for $10 4 for $10 .  I don't know how much they are without the card.  I look in the ad.  There's only 32 packs in the ad.

"Are you sure it's not the 32 packs?"

"No!  4 for $10 4 for $10 4 for $10 4 for $10 4 for $10 4 for $10!"

If I was thinking, I would have changed the price on the water and let her pay full price on everything else since she wouldn't give me a shopper's card.  That's not what I did.

Instead, I foolishly scanned a card out of my drawer.  She angrily demanded that I scan her card instead.  It wouldn't scan because she had e-coupons or some nonsense on it.  That's good, because now she wasn't able to use them, nor receive fuel points on that account.  I didn't tell her that, of course.

The water... came up $2.49.

"No!!!  Those are 4 for $10 4 for $10 4 for $10 4 for $10 4 for $10 4 for $10 4 for $10 4 for $10 4 for $10 4 for $10 4 for $10 4 for $10 4 for $10!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!1111111111!!!!!!!!1 reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!  foUR For tEN rrraaaaaahr."


"No.  Stop.  If they were 4 for $10, they'd be $2.50 each.  They came up $2.49.  $2.49 is less than $2.50.  They are, in fact, cheaper than 4 for $10.  To make them 4 for $10, I would have to charge you four extra cents.  Would you like me to charge you an four extra cents?!?"

"But 4 for $10..."


****, man.  It was like talking to an irate Zippy the Pinhead.  Next time, I'm going along with it.  Man, I wish I had skipped her shopper's card.  That's one of the best parts of the day right there.

It is weird for this to happen again so soon, though.  This was just the other month.



Oh, I had a customer get mad at me because she wanted scallions for a recipe...I proceeded to show her where the green onions were, and she yelled at me in no uncertain terms that "if I wanted green onions, I would have bought green onions!!! I asked for SCALLIONS!!!"

Ooh, she had a fit that day, but I kept my cool! Maybe she meant SHALLOTS? No, SCALLIONS!

I guess she thought that I was new to the grocery business, despite all my 20 something odd years working in the grocery business! Made a big stink about it, too!!!furious

Well, guess what, lady???!!!

If Martha Stewart tells me that they are the EXACT SAME THING, then I am more likely to believe HER than YOU, since she KNOWS a thing or two about this stuff!!!

And don't even get me started on "spring onions"!!!evileye

Another time, I convinced a husband that they were the same thing...He said that he was buying ingredients from his wife's shopping list for a recipe and she would be really upset if he brought home the wrong things and I told him that if his wife has a problem with him buying green onions instead of scallions, then tell her to come to the store and TALK TO ME! I know a thing or two about PRODUCE! My dad even grew up on a farm as a young boy and into his teens and had to pick these things...If HE says they are the same and interchangeable, then I believe him over anyone else!

Some people just make me wonder!!!disbelief

But, I sure do admire the time that these people all have to spend arguing moot points! I wish I had that kind of time!!!biggrin


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